Bag Lady Foundation by MIA!

Mia has been running this great program for 8 years and I am so happy that The Core continue to help out for this great cause.

The Core clients have been with Mia since she started this project and it is picking up momentum. She is hoping next year to get people in other communities involved.

If you are still open to donating to this amazingly fun and rewarding project, Mia is still looking for about $600 in cash donations. Last year, it was able to fill 25 stockings, 25 purses and 50 shaving kits for kids AND teenage boys and girls.

Mia will be collecting money until November 15th and then She is going shopping. If you would like to donate any amount you can contact Mia at or I will be collecting money at the studio to give to Mia!

This is a great cause and I can’t wait to see the finished product this year 🙂

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