Benefits of the Bucket List Challenge

Why is the Bucket list challenge so important for everyone? It is a challenge that is meant to get you out of that regular routine or also known as our comfort zone.  We become complacent and this challenge is meant to get us out of that zone and enjoy some outdoor activities at the same time. Studies have shown that being outside in nature can relieve stress, improve mental and physical capabilities, reduce inflammation, improve attention span and overall, increase our energy levels.

There is also something exhilarating about changing your regular routine. The benefit in changing our regular routine includes new outlooks, new experiences, you become more enjoyable to be around as well as a feeling of accomplishment and happiness. It could be as perfect as finding a new place to paint, finding new ideas from new locations within your surrounding area or people you come across, taking an alternate way to regular destinations and discovering new places. Just like a workout routine you never change, you aren’t going to see the benefits you are looking for. The same goes for our everyday life routine. If you are looking for something to change or exciting to happen staying in that regular routine isn’t going to be as beneficial to lead us to that end goal.

This challenge started October 11th and goes until December 20th. If you are just joining us, challenge yourself even if you don’t get it all completed see if you can do something that gets you outside of your comfort zone.

The goals of the BucketList Challenge:
-Walk, Jog, Bike, Swim, Row for a combined total of 460 KM(your hour workouts add another 10 km each)
-Go somewhere you’ve never been: New coffee shop down the road to a new hike or location. It is all specific to you.
-Do something you’ve never done: Nothing is too big or too small
-Spend at least 10 minutes a day outside

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