November -December Schedule 2018

November 5th-December 20th Programs 2018 Monday/Wednesday’s: 4:30 pm: Posture 5:30 pm: Strength & Conditioning (previously Repeat Offenders- This class has the similar components with a little variety and a different name! ) 6:30 pm: Fascial Stretch Therapy: THE CLASS (Monday’s) Back Level 2 (Wednesday’s) 7:30 pm: Healthy Back Program (Starting November 12th) Tuesday/Thursday’s: 9:00 am: […]

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Fascia Stretch Therapy

Stretch To Win

We Bet You Didn’t Know: • 47% of your flexibility is locked up in your joints. • 42% of your flexibility potential is in your fascia. • Isolated static muscle stretching doesn’t work. • Dynamic fascial stretching does work: o reduces tightness in muscles. o reduces stiffness in joints. o improves and enhances sex. o […]

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Quadricep or Extensor Lag

Just because a lot of us are working through knee issues whether it be surgical, structural or chronic pain related, here is something that I came across and as a Medical Exercise Specialist wanted to share. We are always watching people’s movement patterns especially the way they walk. After any trauma to the knee area […]

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Mind Body Book online

Mindbody Software

It is now available that you can book Fascia Stretch Therapy Sessions online and even change your appointment online. If you are a current client and want to try this please let me know because I will send you your username and password. This software will allow you to even pay for your session online, […]

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