Class Guidelines

Please note PHO has indicated that updated guidelines are being developed so things could change in the coming days. I will be updating protocols/guidelines in line with Worksafe BC and the PHO for COVID 19. Thank- you for your patience so far as we work through this together. Let’s keep doing our part to keep everyone safe and healthy. If you need more information regarding this please let me know. I appreciate you all more than you know. As you know VIHA has lifted the order to close that was set in place on April 2nd,2020 and as of May 19th, 2020, Gyms were officially allowed to open and resume services. Any facility wishing to resume operation needs to develop a plan based on the attached guidance and have it available for public and enforcement agency review. Additional guidance may be released in the future and the plan may require updating based on that information.

These guidelines are current but may be revised or rescinded at any time. These protocols only apply to The Core located within Island Health’s region. Note that mass gatherings are still prohibited.

•Studio capacity will not exceed 7 people including myself at one time. I have no employees so there is not need for plexi-glass or extra employee protection equipment. –Signs are posted at the entrance and throughout the studio to ensure everyone is aware of the physical distancing requirements.
•Clients will be asked to respect social distancing as they enter and exit the studio. There should be no more than 1 person in the lobby at a time.

•There will be reminder posters of hand washing, social distancing and stay home if your sick around the studio.


•There will no penalties for the time being of cancellations for illness. You must cancel an appointment if you develop symptoms after making an appointment.

•Everyone will wash their hands or use the hand sanitizer provided upon entering the studio.

•You will be asked to wear your gym shoes or change at the door and bring all of your belongings with you to your section. The chairs provided in your square are for your jackets, etc.

•Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your session or class to allow for adequate cleaning and drying in between sessions.

• Masks will be worn when entering and exiting the studio. They can be taken off once you are in your square and working out.

•With the exception of the cloths used to wipe down equipment, there will no longer be a shared towel in the bathroom, you will use paper towel to dry your hands.

•All magazines and drinking glasses are removed from the lobby for the time being.
•There will be no drop-ins or walk-ins for the time being, you must be registered in a class or have an appointment booked to limit traffic in the studio. All bookings will be taken via email or online booking system.

– Screen clients: You will be sent an email and self assessment before your scheduled appointment. Do you have any of the following symptoms: coughing, fever, sore throat or difficulty breathing? Anyone who answers yes to the question above should not be permitted to enter. Anyone who has the symptoms of COVID-19 is recommended to call Island Health’s COVID-19 Call Centre: 1-844-901-8442 or visit for more information.

•If you are immunocompromised or live with someone who is immunocompromised and aren’t comfortable in group settings please know that,although, I am doing my best to protect everyone from the spread of COVID-19, it is not 100% certain that this can be achieved. This is where I have provided online resources and live classes along with PDF printouts.

•The doors will be propped open to avoid having to use the door handle.

– I will run an air purifier during class to help with killing bacteria.

Fascial Stretch Therapy Appointments
•I ask to allow for adequate cleaning between sessions that you do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment or class. This will avoid crowding and give me enough time to do the necessary cleaning.

•I ask that you wear a mask (can be a cloth mask) to your FST session or have a Mask with you to put on once you have washed your hands. I will also be wearing a mask. I will have additional PPE equipment such as goggles and gloves available upon request. If you do not have a mask, I will provide you with a single-use mask for a small charge.

•You will be prescreened the day before your appointment through email and in person before your appointment to determine you are not showing signs of COVID-19 or been in contact with anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19

•Payments can be made by cash, cheque, e-transfer ( or credit card. Cash or cheques can be put into the locked box outside the studio, which will be wiped down daily.

•You will use the hand- sanitizer provided or wash your hands in the sink upon entering the studio.

•Equipment will be placed in your square by me and will be wiped down at the end of a session by you. You will each have your own individual bottles and cloths that will be changed out after each class.If you need additional equipment during class, I will get it for you.

•Classes will be spread out so that there is 20-30 minutes between classes to allow for proper cleaning. For more details of what will be cleaned after each session see below.
•You are asked to remove your outdoor shoes at the door and carry them along with all of your belongings to your area. Leave as much as you can in the car.

•You will enter through the front door as per usual but please only have one person in the lobby at any given time.

•If you wish to bring your own equipment to class that is completely understandable and feel free to send me an email to know what exercises we will be doing that day. I will make sure all my equipment is washed between each session and has adequate time to dry naturally before use.

•Outdoor, online and studio classes are available for all needs and comfort levels
•High-intensity/cardio classes will be stopped for the time being in the studio as this may result in greater dispersion of droplets from each participant due to higher intensity breathing in addition to participant movement.
•High-powered fans may result in greater dispersion of droplets. I will minimize the use of fans as necessary.

Cleaning Protocols:
•After each session, I will ask that everyone wipe down their section with the spray bottles provided. There will be a spray bottle/person in their section.

•I have a check list and will wipe down the spray bottles, Chairs, floors, lobby, railings and any other high touched surface areas I feel necessary after each session.

Understanding Risk:
•The virus that causes COVID-19 spreads in several ways, including through droplets when a person coughs or sneezes and from touching a contaminated surface before touching the face. Higher risk situations require adequate protocols to address the risk, which is stated above.

•The risk of person-to person transmission is increased the closer you come to other people, the amount of time you spend near them, and the number of people you come near. Physical distancing measures help mitigate this risk.

•The risk of surface transmission is increased when many people contact same surface, and wen those contacts happen in short intervals of time. Effective cleaning and hygiene practices help mitigate this risk. See cleaning section above.

•Although, I am doing my part in following the guidelines set worth by the provincial government and health authorities, know that there is still some risk involved.

Summary Reminders:
1. A Mask is currently needed indoors and please remember to keep 2 m distance at all times especially when entering and exiting the studio.

2. Please try to have only one person in the lobby at a time. As the weather gets wet, I will do my best to get your square set up to bring all your things in but as you are leaving, if you need to take more time, just be the last to exit.

3. As the weather gets cold, I won’t always have the door propped open so please try to come no more than 5-6 minutes before your class. If the door is locked please wait at the bottom of the stairs.

4. If you are more comfortable bringing your own equipment, you are more than welcome to bring your own blocks, mats, etc.

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