COVID Update

Class Guidelines Reminders
Please note current guidelines are on the website but as things change, I will be updating protocols and guidelines in line with Worksafe BC and the governing bodies for COVID 19. Thank- you for your patience so far as we work through this together. Let’s keep doing our part to keep everyone safe and healthy. If you need more information regarding this please let me know.

1. A Mask is not currently needed indoors (unless you are doing FST) but please remember to keep 2 m distance at all times especially when entering and exiting the studio.
2. Please try to have only one person in the lobby at a time. As the weather gets wet, I will do my best to get your square set up to bring all your things in but as you are leaving, if you need to take more time, just be the last to exit.
3. I have been leaving the door open because it has been hot so please try to come no more than 5 minutes before your class or appointment to ensure everyone has time to leave and I have time to get the necessary cleaning done between classes. If the door is closed please wait at the bottom of the stairs until open again to allow everyone inside to leave.
4. If you are more comfortable bringing your own equipment, you are more than welcome to bring your own blocks, mats, etc.

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