Fall Schedule & Session Details

Medical Exercise provides safe & Effective progressive programs for the clients using systematic and strategic exercises. My goal is to educate clients on their conditions and provide exercises that will help with the management of their conditions at home and in the classes at the Core Studio.  I make an effort to communicate with medical professionals in order to provide the best programming possible for each individual client. Primary conditions we are working with include but aren’t limited to Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Total Joint Replacements, Obesity, Low Back Pain and Back surgeries.


“Exercise is the key to long-term management of most medical conditions.”
Michael K. Jones, PHD, PT



4:30 pm- Posture Level 2

5:30 pm- Repeat Offenders

6:45 pm- Healthy Back Level 2

7:45 pm- The Healthy Back Program


8:45 am- Cranky Hip/Knee Level 2

10:00 am- Cranky Hip/Knee Level 1

11:15- Chronic Pain 

4:15 pm (Tuesday’s only)- Stretch & Unwind 

5:15 pm: Core Level 2


First Friday of every month!

6-7:30 pm- Kid’s Program

Please email daris@corestudiostretch.com for more information on the classes and which will be appropriate for you!

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