Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) – Daris Tendler

Chronic aches and pains slowing you down?  You’ve tried stretching and just can’t seem to get deep enough or find relief? This is a relatively new form of treatment that involves assisted one on one stretching techniques with a certified Fascia Stretch Therapist. The client is lying comfortably on a treatment table synchronizing breathe with movement. During a session, our goal is to assess range of motion, limitations and address chronic pain areas utilizing gentle traction and multiple planes of movement patterns. Feel the difference in just one session by stretching the neuromyofascia, not just the muscles. Inquire today if you are unsure if Fascia Stretch Therapy is the appropriate option for you.

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First time FST Promotion - Sessions
  • 3 x 45 minute FST sessions
  • ( $75 Each + GST )
1 Session
  • Single 45 minute FST session
5 Sessions
  • 5 x 45 minute FST sessions
10 Sessions
  • 10 x 45 minute FST sessions


FST Makeover Package:

What is it?

It is a combined program of stretch classes, one-on-one stretch therapy sessions and individualized postural assessments and muscle re-education/activation exercises to improve overall movement patterns. This in-depth makeover requires a month long commitment on your part and is a  game plan to improve overall movement, health and wellness.  This is designed for someone struggling to get moving, needs motivation, having trouble with daily activities that never used to be an issue such as putting on your shoes, etc.


  • 12- 1 hour FST sessions (3x/week for a month)
  • 4 in-depth stretch classes
  • Postural analysis
  • Muscle re-education and activation exercises based on your individual needs


It is designed to counter our everyday movements of gardening, driving, sitting, standing for long periods of time, bending forward and all of those other movements that make us achy and cranky. As we age, circulation decreases, muscles tighten, movement and balance decrease and connective tissue thickens and shortens. This Makeover will help hydrate those tissues (real life WD-40), improve circulation, energy levels, prevent unwanted strains, and help to improve every day activities such as getting up and down off the floor or chasing grand-kids around the house.

Cost: $780.00

( Can be broken into two payments of $390.00 )