Fascial Stretch Therapy Comox Valley

FST Price Schedule: Purchase Before March 4th, 2019

FST prices are increasing and you can still purchase at current price until March 4th,2019 and they do not expire.

New prices including GST:
New Client Promotion: $236.25/ 3 Package Session
$89.25/ 45 minute single session
$420/ 5 Package Session
$735/10 Package Session

What’s New: FST Makeover Package

  • Includes 12- 1 hour FST sessions (3x/week for a month), 4 in-depth stretch classes, Postural analysis, muscle re-education and activation exercises based on your needs.
  • This in-depth makeover requires a month long commitment on your part and is a  game plan to improve overall health and wellness.  This is designed for someone struggling to get moving, needs motivation, having trouble with daily activities that never used to be an issue such as putting on your shoes, etc.
  • Benefits: As we age, circulation decreases, muscles tighten, movement and balance decrease and connective tissue thickens and shortens. This Makeover will help hydrate those tissues (real life WD-40), improve circulation, energy levels, prevent unwanted strains, and help to improve every day activities such as getting up and down off the floor or chasing grandkids around the house.
  • Cost: $780.00

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