Comox Valley Kids fitness program

Kid’s Program: Continuing the Movement

What do your kids do when they get home from school, do they have bad habits of watching TV or playing on the computer/tablets?

Do your kids often complain of boredom if they don’t have technology?

Want your kids to create habits they can take with them into their adult years?

Do you find your kids are ‘fidgeters’?

Do your kids have a hard time paying attention?

Can your kids touch their toes?

What is their favourite thing to do while being active?

We know that it isn’t easy for kids in our society as things that are ‘cool’ have become games on phones, tablets, computers not to mention the long hours they sit in a classroom during the school year. We intend to address all of these things by creating a program that will get your kids moving more often. Quite frankly, 30 minutes a day that they may do at school and  twice a week they get with their after school sports is just not enough for the young, active, creative minds. This kids program is meant to get them connected with others, improve social skills, learn positive habits through fun exercises, build confidence and self esteem and even improve attention span.  

We will spend an hour and half the first Friday of every month on educating, moving and creating positive habits for kids between the ages of 9-13 years old. It will be $20.00/ kid per session. The classes will be limited to 8 kids per session. They will receive a manual outlining expectations, goals, movement challenges, why it is important to move and daily tasks to complete for a more active life!

Dates for the Kid’s Program are as follows:
September 9th
October 7th
November 4th
December 2nd

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