Lifestyle one-on-one Program

I have combined my 10 + years of learning and working with people through the years into this 6 week personal training program. We all have different goals in mind and so there are different options depending on commitment levels, goals and what you want to achieve.

As most of you know, I am not a make you jump up and down kind of instructor. I am very detail focused while making you work hard. It's all about progress and we start at the foundation. All programs will be designed for you individually. I have turned my lifelong passion from a young age into my way of life and I want to share all of my medical exercise knowledge with you on a more personal level! My goal of this program is for you to focus on how you feel and to gain more body awareness. All of the other things you associate with Personal Training will be by products (weight loss, etc). By not focusing on an extreme diet, or an obsessive plan, difficult to stick with, you are creating a healthy quality of life that will stick. I am looking for reasonable, sustainable, little changes that we can do in our individual lives to feel energized, strong and confident.

This program is meant to educate you and help you understand the why's. Why do I feel my energy level drop and go into exhaustion mode at 2 pm? Why does my body feel swollen and inflamed? Why are some stretches better for my injuries than others? Why am I not gaining strength?

Why chose one-on-one:

  • One-on-One individualized attention and programming
  • See gains 3 x faster than a group setting
  • Specific programming to assist with rehabilitation
  • Achieve 80% better results than on your own
  • Bored with the same routine
  • Learn how to mix and match your own workouts at home with classes, etc
  • Target trouble areas
  • Accountability and Consistency
  • Group settings aren’t for you
  • Increase self-esteem, self-confidence and overall quality of life
  • Increase safety and decrease risk of injury
  • Education on a healthy, holistic approach to health and fitness that encompasses cardiovascular, lifestyle, strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, nutrition, etc
  • The more you know the ‘Why’ the more you will stick with it
  • Choose your own times to do your workout
  • Flexible and focused

Program Benefits

24/7 access to your 6 week program on True Coach & private facebook group for additional resources
Video exercise tutorials, so you don’t have to guess!
Accountability Check-ins weekly
Support for questions
One-on-One in-person training booked to fit into your own schedule!
Depending on goals, I will use different assessments to help you achieve your goals.
Examples include: Measurements, functional assessments (for injuries), Strength tests, etc
Optional, additional nutrition coaching and sustainable meal planning for the busy individual

3 Tiers of Personal training depending on commitment level:

Obviously, personal training comes with more cost than classes but you are also getting one-on-one attention and all of the benefits mentioned above. There is a minimum 3x/week commitment with a combination of in-person/Remote workouts as anything less than that will not give you the benefits you are looking for! It is like paying for physiotherapy and not doing your homework! To Sign-up and inquire about costs please email if you want to join this 6 week program.