March-April Class Sessions 2019

Class Session: March 4th-April 26th, 2019

4:30 pm-5:30 pm: Posture Class
5:30 pm- 6:30 pm: Strength & Conditioning
6:30 pm-7:30 pm: FST: The Class (Monday’s) & Back Level 2 (Wednesday’s)
7:30 pm- 8:30 pm: 5-Week HEALTHY BACK PROGRAM starting March 11th-April 8th,2019
Healthy Back Program Cost: $214.20 

Monday/Wednesday Cost: $267.75

9 am-10 am: Strength Training for The Hip/Knees
10:15 am-11:15 am: Cranky Hip/Knee Level 1
5:15 pm-6:15 pm: Core Level 2

Tuesday/Thursday Cost: $285.60

All Classes with the exception of The FST: Stretch class on Monday’s at 6:30 pm are pre-registered only. Classes are limited so payment secures your spot with post-dated cheque, Cash or Credit Card. Email to sign-up. You will not be able to sign-up online as classes usually fill up.

Benefits of pre-registered classes:
– Progressive: Each class gradually builds onto the next to create a safe and effective plan for your body and by doing so we learn ways to modify and adjust to our specific needs.

– Accountability: Committing to twice a week will hold you accountable to commit to your health and wellness and not just showing up when you feel like it! Our health is a full-time job.

– Consistency: By committing to your program twice a week you are creating a positive habit pattern that will translate not just in your physical exercise programs but in your home and personal life as well.

What is your Game Plan?

By definition, a habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. Notice the picture above this writing? What if someone told you, you can eat more and lose weight as an example? Most of us would say yes that is a great idea but then they realize they have to eat more vegetables and less comfort food. They have to drink more water and less alcohol. All of a sudden that doesn’t seem as appealing as the initial question of what if you could eat more and lose weight as a result? This brings out another question of what it is you really want? Is it to lose weight, stay mobile, maintain where you currently are, have more energy? Answering these questions will determine the start of your game plan. The game plan is an outline of planning your daily activities, goals, appointments, eating schedule around what it is you really want. This also includes finding a routine that works for you because we are all different and have different needs and distractions at home. Writing down your game plan will help you stick to it and ingrain everything you already know to create a more satisfied/happier you.

Have you ever gone grocery shopping hungry and without a list? That’s like going through life without a game plan! Find someone who supports your positive habits, find a routine that works for you and become a happier you!

If you are unsure where to begin, Inquire about:
The 3-Month habit changing journey to be held accountable and start to create positive habit patterns in various aspects of your life not just nutrition also known as The Physical Transformation Program.

Chronic Pain Management Classes

The Healthy back Program or a one-on-one plan including Fascial Stretch Therapy to get you on the right track to a better quality life.

FST prices are increasing and you can still purchase at current price until March 4th,2019 and they do not expire.

New prices including GST:
New Client Promotion: $236.25/ 3 Package Session
$89.25/ 45 minute single session
$420/ 5 Package Session
$735/10 Package Session

What’s New: FST Makeover Package

  • Includes 12- 1 hour FST sessions (3x/week for a month), 4 in-depth stretch classes, Postural analysis, muscle re-education and activation exercises based on your needs.
  • This in-depth makeover requires a month long commitment on your part and is a  game plan to improve overall health and wellness.  This is designed for someone struggling to get moving, needs motivation, having trouble with daily activities that never used to be an issue such as putting on your shoes, etc.
  • Benefits: As we age, circulation decreases, muscles tighten, movement and balance decrease and connective tissue thickens and shortens. This Makeover will help hydrate those tissues (real life WD-40), improve circulation, energy levels, prevent unwanted strains, and help to improve every day activities such as getting up and down off the floor or chasing grandkids around the house.
  • Cost: $780.00

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