May 2019: 45-Minute Sit Challenge is Back

45-Minute Sit Challenge

Bring awareness to how much we actually sit in a day! Sign-up for this challenge and you will be sent a 5 minute youtube video of a routine to pick and choose from to do when you’ve been sitting for 45 minutes.

Objective: being aware of sitting and its correlation to hip, back and even neck and shoulder pain.

1. Simply pick a day and for no longer than 45 minutes at a time should you be sitting throughout the day.
2. This goes for the month of May–So try it at least once if not a few times throughout the month!
3.Set reminders just like in our Healthy Habit Challenge
4. Exceptions: sleeping obviously 🙂 Once you have completed your day, whether you succeeded or not, I want you to let me know how you felt, what you learned, how your body responded or anything that you got out of this challenge.

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