Personal & Small Group Training

Do you find it hard to create your own workouts that are benefiting you? Do you find that you are inconsistent with your workouts?

Individual or semi-private training provides workouts that are specific to your goals. Depending on your initial assessment of strength, mobility and balance, a program will be designed to meet your individual needs. Personal training keeps you accountable,consistent and motivated. It is about creating habits that will keep you consistently moving forward to what it is you want to accomplish whether it be more mobility, rehabilitation, strength, power or sport specific. Embrace your strengths, challenge your weaknesses and improve your mental attitude towards fitness. The time is now.

Email or call 250-941-0500 for more information. I am with clients most of the day so email or phone would be best instead of just dropping in!

Benefits of Personal Training:

  • Maximize your workout and minimize time with a personalized program.
  • Personal training offers proper technique and form specific to you.
  • Personal Training provides accountability and motivation without the intimidation of a class at first.
  • Invest in your own health and well-being!

Class Prices

Personal Training
$84.00per session
  • One on One
5 Pack
  • 5 Sessions
10 Pack
$735.00 per session
  • 10 Sessions