Posture Level 1 Program

New Program

A lot of us are struggling with ‘Bad Posture.’ Whether it is genetic, workplace related, repetitive movements, Motor Vehicle Accident related we are using this program to correct what imbalances that we can by stretching and strengthening where is necessary. A lot of times ‘bad posture’ will translate itself into back issues, sciatica, neck and shoulder issues to name a few so using some principles from The Janda Approach and Stretch to Win fundamentals, we will focus on balance, flexibility and strengthening along with assessment and treatments of muscle imbalances using a variety of tools. This is a level 1 based program and will focus on starting from the beginning and help you understand and become more aware of what is happening within your body.

What does this program entail:
-A full plum line analysis during the first class
-Tuesday’s class will consist of a Strengthening Program individually based on the results of the plum line
-Thursday’s class will consist of a stretching component of the program specific to individual needs and chronic tightnesses
-A one-on-on Fascial Stretch Therapy session to be individually booked during the first week of the program.
January 2nd-February 9th
12 sessions including the Fascial Stretch Therapy session for $252.00

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