Welcome Carly!

Welcome Carly!

Carly will be taking over for me while I am on maternity leave. She will be teaching from September until March. She will be in and out of classes throughout August so you will get a chance to meet her!

A little more about Carly:
“I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists.
What brought me to personal training started in the pool! I swam competitively for over a decade, gradually increasing the frequency of sessions and volume of work done in the water. In the last quarter of my swim career, I was training eighteen hours a week in water and on land. I qualified for senior nationals in the 50m back which allowed me to attend the Canadian Commonwealth, Worlds, and Pan Am trials.

I attended McGill University and swam for their varsity team. Often in sports and in life, an athlete or individual will go through a ‘plateau,’ a period of time where your performance and results are stagnant, despite the physical, mental and emotional effort put in. Plateaus often lead to athletes quitting their sport early. At McGill I was put through an effective and safe on-land strength and conditioning program that allowed me to achieve personal bests that my younger self had created. A period focused on gradually developing muscular endurance and strength that was missing from my previous routine, allowed me to continue to improve despite the natural plateau that can come with development and aging in sport. Seeing how strength training translated from the land to the pool, my love for strength training started to bloom.
In 2019, I graduated from McGill with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. I returned to Okotoks, Alberta and started working as a stroke coach at the pool and a personal trainer at GoodLife Fitness. Each client I worked with had their own set of circumstances, special considerations, their own reasons for showing up and a vision of what they hoped to achieve later down the road. I witnessed aspects of their everyday life becoming more manageable as we took baby steps towards their bigger goals. As a fitness instructor, I know getting results takes commitment, time, and smart work. It does not happen over night! I also know the process of working towards those goals does not need to suck, it can be fun! I hope to help others explore how physical activity and exercise fits into their life. To help others recognize how training positively affects their everyday movements, energy levels, mental and emotional health, as well as their physical health.
I hope to train with you at The Core!

Fun Facts
-I was a backstroke and butterfly sprinter
-I enjoy belly dancing
-I have lived in four different provinces
-I have a cat named Maggie

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